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55x zahtjevi za kašnjenje
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poseban bonus: Eur 460 turnir na kosmičkom potragu 2: Myst ...

£ 740 Besplatno Kazino Turnir Ažurirano: Juli 13, 2018 Autor: Wilford Butera
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  • Bram Distasio
    Bram Distasio

    Hvala na dijeljenju.

  • Blair Conger
    Blair Conger

    Too many people @xeaphyna Some are pretty careless too….I was showing this huge gelding one year and taking him to the wash area and this guy I never saw before just threw his small child on Jet’s back Pretty rude plus he could have easily been an unbroken stud and they push their baby strollers right behind the horses too…..most of these horses are pretty calm but many never saw a stroller before….tragedy in the making….short of one kicking incident which got me because I was between the not so smart person and the horse I managed to avoid tragedy

  • Robby Shull
    Robby Shull

    (Ovo je samo sugestija, uradićete kako mislite. Ja i ja nisam guru naravno