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275 FREE Igrice Ažurirano: Juni 29, 2013 Autor: Darrel Cazier

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  • Coleman Cunnigham
    Coleman Cunnigham

    you said, this to me if you ever want me to answer to your questions again, respect me first then we can talk no need to start with offences, decency have nothing to to with gamblers, at least not with me I am more decent that a 1000 together so please don&’t bother asking me questions, I knew you wanted to start something here it is! well I was happy to see you back i was worry about your health but you know what? now that I know you are ok, I am happy but I really don&’t want to hear any other question from you. or better said you can ask what ever but I won&’t reply to you. no need to be offensive. @WyldGirl replied to one of your updates:”OHK so why didn&’t you answer it instead of going on about my interest?? My interest is the fact that affiliate codes are no good without the link so NEW players are being screwed by not getting the link . In my opinion the protection of new players is worth far more than winning a fukin contest and if you had any decency you would provide them with details so they don&’t get screwed out of the bonus.”

  • Charles Cottle
    Charles Cottle

    Želim vam svima sjajan ponedjeljak popodne

  • Ricky Eaker
    Ricky Eaker

    Dobro veče svakome od nas

  • Isreal Pelham
    Isreal Pelham

    Možda će te nedeljno naći dobro